Throughout history, people
have believed in demons,
looking at a demon as
something to be feared….


“Demon” is originally a Greek term which meant a wise, guardian spirit. Today, in
religion and parapsychology, “demons” have evolved into meaning entities which
appear to have malicious intent, and are possibly of a non-human origin;
differentiated from a spirit which proceeded from a once-living person (a ghost).
This incorrect understanding has come through religion over the past 2000 years.

Some believe that demons are of non-human origin, or
that the human psyche generates such a negativity that
a person’s soul can somehow degenerate into a form of
that which we name a “demon.” At Angels & Ghosts,
some of us believe that “thought forms” can be
believed by a human being and allowed to create one’s
own reality. Call it our power to create. Some may
consider the entertaining of negative thoughts as
demon possession. One might also contend that these
fallen thoughts are the same as fallen angels (angels
representing a higher, more pure thought form, or
truth). This should not come as shocking, for the mind
is powerful; and all that exists (whether in the physical
or spiritual), is really comprised of thought in the great
mind that is spirit – God. Read Demons & Thoughts

If one takes the idea of negative thoughts further by
recognizing that what a person believes is what he
becomes, then a demon could be a negative person – especially a negative,
disembodied person…a ghost. Ghosts are trapped in darkness, as they are people
who have not moved on in life unto light, peace and truth after the death of their
physical body. They remain earthbound for various reasons; some good and some
not so good. The negativity surrounding some ghosts and their intentions often
confuses or tricks people into believing they are demons. But when one reads
about Jesus casting out devils, it will become apparent, after studying the original
words translated as devil and demon, that he was in fact casting out disembodied
people who had chosen to inhabit another’s body. (See Ghost Possession)

Many believe that opportunities for a demon to enter our world to wreak havoc,
must be limited. They cite evidence in support of the notion, believing that it must
be invited into one’s person. Once the demon has an “in,” it will feed upon the
energies expelled by negative emotions such as anxiety, fear and anger, especially
those directed at itself. However, we believe we have a better understanding of
what a demon is, than most paranormal investigators or even religious leaders.


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